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Incredible line up of girls all represented by Chic Management.
Dominique Elissa, Millicent Lee and Meike

P H O T O G R A P H E R //
Jeremy Choh @ Jane Artist Management
M A K E U P & H A I R // Koh @ Vivien’s Creative
S T Y L I N G // Liv Rahme

Meike wears — Mariam Seddiq top, Trelise Cooper jeans. Harley Davidson tee from Storeroom Vintage, stylist’s own briefs, Adidas sneakers. Alice McCall feathered top. Alice McCall jacket, Levi’s vintage denim.
Dom wears — Anna Quan coat, stylist’s own briefs. Mariam Seddiq top, Anna Quan pants. Lonely Lingerie.
Millicent wears — AEXAE swim top, INCU pants, Adidas sneakers. Trelise Cooper tee, Lonely tank. Harley Davidson tee from Storeroom Vintage, Lonely Lingerie. Kate Sylvester jacket, Lonely Lingerie. Kaliver tee, Rollas overalls.