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Incredible line up of girls all represented by Chic Management.
Natalie Sole, Beti, Talia Berman, Madeline Cowe, Ehlana Hards, Hannah Miller and Harmony Abell

P H O T O G R A P H E R //
Jeremy Choh @ Jane Artist Management
M A K E U P & H A I R //
Natalie, Beti, and Talia by Ania Milczarczyk
Madeleine, Ehlana, Hannah and Harmony by Kristin Brett @ Work Agency
S T Y L I N G // Liv Rahme

Natalie Sole wears —
Aje shirt, Mariam Seddiq white suit, Hansen & Gretel suit and silk dress.
Beti wears —
Mariam Seddiq corset top with stylist’s own briefs and Reliquia earrings, Mariam Seddiq white top and pants, Camilla & Marc suit, Marle top with Hansen & Gretel silk pants
Talia Berman wears
— Dinosaur Designs earrings, Camilla & Marc blazer with Mariam Seddiq pants, Alice McCall jacket, Hansen & Gretel white shirt with stylists own briefs
Madeline Cowe wears —
Mariam Seddiq top and pants, Anna Quan jacket with stylists own briefs
Ehlana Hards wears —
Mariam Seddiq blazer and pants, Lonely Lingerie, Valet Studio earrings
Hannah Miller wears —
Alice McCall dress, Mariam Seddiq blazer and pants, Anna Quan top with stylists own briefs, Anna Quan pants with stylists own bandeau top
Harmony Abell wears —
Asilio dress, Anna Quan blazer and pants