P H O T O G R A P H E R // Kristina Yenko
S T Y L I S T // Liv Rahme
M A K E - U P / H A I R // Beck Carroll
M O D E L // Inez @ Chic Model Management
S T Y L I N G  A S S I S T A N T // Bridgette Sala

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1. Silence Was jacket, Moschino crop available at Cara Mia Vintage, Christie Nicole briefs, Natalie Marie rings and necklace, Kitte woodland necklace
2. Lilya jumper, Lonely Lingerie briefs, Natalie Marie rings and necklace, Kitte woodland necklace and bangle
3. Georgia Alice jeans, Christie Nicole bralette, Natalie Marie rings and necklace, Kitte woodland necklace and bangle
4. Robe available at Cara Mia Vintage, Georgia Alice top, Chantelle Paris briefs, Natalie Marie rings and necklace, Kitte bangle
5. Georgia Alice coat, Hatsumi's Laundry underwear, Rings and Pendant Necklace: Natalie Marie rings and necklace
6. Lonely Lingerie bra, Lilya fur and shorts, Natalie Marie necklace
7. Alume knit, Hatsumi's Laundry briefs
8. Georgia Alice shirt, Christie Nicole bralette and briefs, Natalie Marie rings and necklace, Kitee bangle