P H O T O G R A P H E R // Gavriel Maynard
M O D E L // Anna Mila @ IMG Models
S T Y L I N G // Liv Rahmé
M A K E U P // Ania Milczarzyk
H A I R // Kyye Reed

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1. Coat from Cara Mia Vintage, 32.4 jewellery
2. BC The Label skivvy, Cue top, 32.4 jewellery
3. Anna Quan shirt, Echoes of You skirt, 32.4 jewellery
4. Penny Sage dress and coat, 32.4 jewellery
5. LP33.3 top, Rolla’s overalls, 32.4 jewellery
6. Echoes of You top, Rolla’s jeans, Tony Bianco boots, 32.4 jewellery
7. Shakuhachi top and skirt, BC The Label skivvy, Tony Bianco boots, 32.4 jewellery
8. Vintage Chanel dress from Cara Mia Vintage, 32.4 jewellery
9. Blessed Are The Meek skivvy, BC The Label dress, 32.4 jewellery
10. BC The Label top and dress, Tony Bianco shoes, Wittner boots, 32.4 jewellery
11. Shakuhachi dress, 32.4 jewellery
12. Ellery dress, 32.4 jewellery

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