P H O T O G R A P H E R // Hayley Pease
M O D E L S // Annabel Moore & Anisia @ Chic Model Management
S T Y L I N G // Liv Rahmé
M A K E U P + H A I R // Isobel Claire @ Oneninetynine

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1. Anisia (left) wears C&M dress, Zu shoes
Annabel (right) wears Alice McCall dress, Lack of Color hat, Karen Walker necklace 
 2. Anisia (left) wears Karen Walker shirt and coat, Cue pants, Lack of Color hat
Annabel (right) wears Karen Walker dress, 
Hansen & Gretel shirt
3. Annabel (left) wears Búl jumper, Alice McCall pants, Spurr boots
Anisia (right) Alice McCall dress, Búl coat
4. Anisia (left) wears Karen Walker shirt and jacket, Cue pants, Lack of Color hat
Annabel (right) wears BC skivvy, Karen Walker dress, necklace, bracelet and rings
5. Anisia wears Asos dress, Veronika Maine coat, C&M snood
6. Annabel (left) wears Karen Walker top, coat, bracelet, necklace, rings, Lonely Hearts Label pants
Anisia (right) wears C&M overalls, Blessed are the meek top, Asuar scarf, Karen Walker necklace and rings
7.  Annabel (left) wears BC Skivvy, Oskar coat, Blessed Are The Meek culottes
Anisia (right) Kate Sylvester dress, rings, BC skivvy dress worn undernearh, Lack of Color hat
8. Annabel wears Lonely Hearts Label dress and coat, C&M culottes