P H O T O G R A P H Y // Daniel Le Breton  Intentions Of Billy

W E A R I N G //
 Josh Goot T-Shirt Dress, Emporio Armani Watch, Coco Liberace Necklace, Off Ya Tree Skull Bracelet, Various Thrifted Rings.

I can't begin to explain how stoked I am to finally be a proud Goot owner. So many seasons I have dreamed of buying Josh Goot err'thang, and finally I have added two pieces from the Resort 2012/13 collection to my wardrobe.
I am absolutely in love with my Fossil Print Tee Dress. The vibrant colours of this print instantly drew me in, and I couldn't leave it behind.
It is official - I have popped my Goot cherry. There is noo going back.