Myself and Miranda in her Romance Was Born outfit

Miranda closing the show in Romance Was Born

Myself and Bambi backstage

Jess Gomes in Camilla and Marc, Montana Cox in Zimmerman, Alexandra Agoston in Romance Was Born, Miranda in Lisa Ho, Sam Harris and Bambi Northwood-Blyth in Romance Was Born

Miranda's Dressing Room

Jess Gomes in Kirrily Johnston, Miranda in Alex Perry

Miranda's Runway Looks in her dressing room

Myself and Miranda Kerr after the show

Being on the styling team for the David Jones Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Launch was the best fashion experience I have had to date. Working with Kelvin Harries, Emma Lunn, Helen Turner and Charlotte Mann for a whole month leading up to the show provided invaluable lessons helping me to grow SO SO much as a stylist. I assisted with model fittings, meaning I got to meet all the models, see the clothes just before they hit stores, and get familiar with Australia's best in designer labels. It was pretty incredible learning about how these huge fashion shows are put together, and how important systems and organisation are. Oh, and from this experience, I am also probably the best shoe taper you will EVER meet - try taping 200+ pairs of shoes ! (Please don't send another pair of YSL Tributes my way ever again !) A big highlight of the show also was being assigned to be Miranda Kerr's dresser - Yes, she is one of those freaks of nature who not only are perfection from head to toe, but also have a beautiful personality ! 

Sending out a big big thank you to my fashion college The Fashion Institute for hooking me up with this incredible gig !

Images via Getty, The Australian, Vogue Australia