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Sabo Skirt 'Sun Dream' Campaign (view here)

P H O T O G R A P H Y // Cameron Mackie
S T Y L I N G // Liv Rahmé
H A I R  &  M A K E U P // Helen Samyran
M O D E L // Dominique Elissa @ Chic Management

1. Sabo Skirt suede crop worn with Accessories By G rings and corset belt, The Dark Horse earrings, Rollas Jeans shirt, Francis Swim briefs
2. Sabo Skirt playsuit worn with Accessories By B earrings and rings
3. Sabo Skirt dress worn with Accessories By G choker, earrings, rings and corset belt, Wanted Shoes sandals
4. Sabo Skirt dress and choker worn with The Dark Horse choker, Luv AJ necklace, Accessories By G rings
5. Sabo Skirt silk shirt worn with Francis Swim bikini, Premonition belt, Luv Aj necklace from The Dark Horse, Accessories By G earrings and rings
6. Sabo Skirt bralette worn with Francis Swim brieds, Rollas Jeans shirt, Neuw Denim shorts, Accessories by G choker, earrings and rings, Luv Aj necklace from The Dark Horse
7. Sabo Skirt playsuit worn with Intimate Alter Ego harness, Accessories by G earrings and rings
8. Sabo Skirt worn with Accessories By G choker, earrings and rings