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P H O T O G R A P H Y // Jeremy Choh @ DLM
S T Y L I N G // Liv Rahmé @ DLM
M A K E U P // Diana Djurdjevski @ Talentland
H A I R // Cara Clyne
F E A T U R I N G // Elyse Taylor @ IMG

1. Aje dress, Valet Studio earrings
2. Camilla & Marc blazer and pants, Reliquia earrings
3. Alice McCall dress, Reliquia necklace and earrings
4. Alice McCall dress, Lonely bra, Reliquia earrings
5. Aje dress, Valet Studio earrings
6. Alice McCall slip, Reliquia earrings


P H O T O G R A P H Y // Cybele Malinowski @ Network
S T Y L I N G // Liv Rahmé (website)
M O D E L // Mimi Elashiry @ Kult

Mimi Elashiry for Cybele's model-maison. This 'UNDONE' series is an honest portrayal of models, photographed without any hair & makeup or retouching... Just raw beauty. In collaboration with Pages Digital, view here.

1. Gucci skirt and earrings
2. Christian Dior sweater and skirt, Gucci earrings, model’s own ring
3. Aje dress, Gucci earrings, model’s own ring
4. Kate Sylvester dress, Daniel Avakian dress (worn underneath), Gucci earrings, model’s own ring
5.  Aje top, model’s own underwear and ring
6. Bordelle briefs from babylikestoponyGucci earrings, model’s own ring
7. Gucci earrings, model’s own ring