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P H O T O G R A P H Y //
 Kristina Yenko
S T Y L I N G // Liv RahmΓ©
M A K E U P // Nisha Van Berkel
M O D E L //  Nirvana Naves @ Chic Management
E D I T O R // Rosie Daly

Published by the ones 2 watch, view it here.

1. Top Chosen by Tuchuzy; Jacket Ganni at Tuchuzy; Earrings Dinosaur Designs.
2. Top Mariam Seddiq
3. Top Mariam Seddiq; Blazer and Pants Ganni at Tuchuzy; Sneakers Eytys at Tuchuzy
4. Top Mariam Seddiq; Blazer and Pants Vestire at Tuchuzy; sneakers Eytys at Tuchuzy
5. Jumpsuit Lillian Khallouf; Earring Dinosaur Designs.
6. Dress Carla Zampatti; Pants Leo & Lin; Jacket Trelise Cooper; Shoes Eytys at Tuchuzy
7. Jumpsuit and Skirt Lillian Khallouf; Sneakers Balenciaga
8. Top Leo & Lin; Skirt Ganni at Tuchuzy
Jacket Ganni at Tuchuzy; Pants Lillian Khallouf; Sneakers Balenciaga
10. Knit and Dress Chosen by Tuchuzy; Blazer Carla Zampatti; Earrings Dinosaur Designs; Sneakers Eytys at Tuchuzy
11. Blazer Manning Cartell; Pants Mariam Seddiq; Earrings Dinosaur Designs; Sneakers Eytys at Tuchuzy


20181007_KY_LIV RAHME_TESTSHOOT7025.jpg

I am over the moon with excitement to announce I am now represented by Bella Management β€οΈ I can’t thank all of my beautiful friends and insta pals enough for all of the encouragement and support you’ve shown me in this new venture and super exciting chapter exploring the other side of the camera πŸ’• 
This journey is more than just modeling to me. My passion for styling and fashion has evolved into something bigger than I can put into words. Those who know me, know that just like so many other women out there, I’ve been battling against my own perception of self for a long time. I am now proud to say I am genuinely happy in the skin I am in, and I want all women of all shapes and sizes, hip dips, curves and all, to feel the same!!! Hand in hand with my styling and love of fashion, I hope I can help even just one woman or girl out there take charge of their confidence and embrace who they are, today, not when they lose 3.5kg, or when they drop a dress size. Be happy in this moment and be grateful for this place in your personal journey!
Special shout out to my magical talented girls who made me look this amazing in my first ever test shoot Kristina Yenko and Nisha Van Berkel I LOVE YOU TO BITS!!!! ❀️



Maria - Fit EditorialDSC08060 copy.jpg
Maria - Fit Editorial000188730005_5.jpg
Maria - Fit Editorial000188750001_1.jpg
Maria - Fit EditorialDSC07935 copy.jpg
Maria - Fit EditorialDSC08115 copy.jpg
Maria - Fit EditorialDSC07433.jpg
Maria - Fit EditorialDSC07808 copy.jpg
Maria - Fit EditorialDSC08145.jpg

P H O T O G R A P H Y // Freddie McHenry
S T Y L I N G // Liv RahmΓ©
M A K E U P // Nisha Van Berkel
M O D E L //  Mariia @ Chic Management

1. I Am Gia boydsuit, Subtype bag and socks
2. Trelise Cooper blaer, Subtype bag
3. AE X AE swimwear, I Am Gia jacket, Subtype socks
4. I Am Gia top and skirt, Trelise Cooper jacket, Avenue hat
5. I Am Gia dress, Subtype jacket, Zomp shoes